Movement 444

444. Montgolfier’s hydraulic ram. Small fall of water made to throw a jet to a great height or furnish a supply at high level. The right-hand valve being kept open by a weight or spring, the current flowing through the pipe in the direction of the arrow escapes thereby till its pressure, overcoming the resistance of weight or spring, closes it. On the closing of this valve the momentum of the current overcomes the pressure on the other valve, opens it, and throws a quantity of water into the globular air-chamber by the expansive force of the air in which the upward stream from the nozzle is maintained. On equilibrium taking place, the right-hand valve opens and left-hand one shuts. Thus, by the alternate action of the valves, a quantity of water is raised into the air-chamber at every stroke, and the elasticity of the air gives uniformity to the efflux.