1, Belt and Pulleys2, Pulleys and Crossed Belt3, Pulleys with Right Angle Guides4, Pulleys with Right Angle Transition5, Pulleys with Tightening Mechanism6, Pulleys with Vibrating Lever7, Pulley Transmission8, Variable Speed Stepped Pulleys9, Variable Speed Cone Pulleys10, Variable Speed Nonlinear Cone Pulleys

Wait... you said they were animated!

Ah, yes… well, unfortunately we do not have all the animations working yet, but we do have quite a few.

Look for the color thumbnails. They identify the completed animations. Use the prev and next links (above right) to browse the thumbnail pages.

As time goes on, we’ll be adding more until all 507 are complete. Click the Facebook “Subscribe” or Twitter “Follow” button below to be notified of our progress.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the animations we have completed, along with Henry T. Brown’s original illustrations in this classic technical reference.

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